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Wedding Posies


We offer a delightful bunch of flowers designed to add charm and elegance to your wedding ceremony. Our posies are crafted with high-quality artificial flowers, ensuring they remain beautiful and vibrant throughout the day.

Each posy is thoughtfully designed to be the perfect size for little hands to carry, adding a touch of enchantment as your flower girls walk down the aisle. Choose from a variety of styles and colour palettes to match your wedding theme and bridal bouquets. Whether you prefer classic roses, whimsical wildflowers, or a mix of blooms, our collection has something to suit every taste.

Our bespoke service allows you to customise your flower girl posies, ensuring they perfectly complement the overall aesthetic of your wedding. With our lifelike artificial flowers, you can enjoy the beauty of fresh blooms without worrying about wilting or allergies.

Explore our collection to find the ideal flower girl posies that will make your wedding day even more special. Let these charming arrangements bring joy and elegance to your celebration.