Guide to Artificial Wedding Flowers

Planning your wedding flowers? Artificial flowers might be the perfect choice for you! Here’s why they’re awesome and how you can use them to make your wedding day beautiful.

Why Go Artificial?

Stunning and Realistic: Today’s artificial flowers look so real that your guests won’t even know the difference. Plus, they stay gorgeous all day long. They maintain their beauty without wilting or fading, ensuring your beautiful arrangements look perfect throughout your celebration.

Budget-Friendly: Synthetic flowers are often more affordable, especially if you’re after exotic or out-of-season flowers.

Durable: No worrying about them wilting in the heat or getting damaged. They’re tough and stay picture-perfect.

Allergy-Free: No more sneezes or sniffles during your vows. Everyone can enjoy the flowers without a hitch.

Stress-Free Planning: You can get them way ahead of time, so there’s no last-minute rush you could get with fresh wedding flowers. And if something’s not quite right, you’ve got plenty of time to fix it.

Forever Keepsakes: Unlike real flowers, fake flowers can be a lovely reminder of your special day for years to come.

Personal Touches: With artificial flowers, you can get creative. Mix and match different types of flowers, colour schemes, and styles to create bespoke arrangements that perfectly match your wedding theme and personal preferences. From classic roses to exotic orchids, palm fronds, and more! The variety available allows for unique and personalised designs.

Perfect for Every Spot

Fake wedding flowers are perfect for:

Picking the Right Flowers

Choose a supplier and wedding florist known for high-quality artificial flowers. Check for samples and customisation options to ensure you get exactly what you want.


Artificial wedding flowers offer beauty, durability, and convenience, making them a fantastic choice for any wedding. Check out our wide range of artificial flowers and bespoke bouquets to start planning your perfect floral arrangements.

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